Boston Celtics Extend Lead in NBA Finals, Porzingis Injury Scare

The Boston Celtics extended their lead in the NBA Finals to 2-0 over the Dallas Mavericks with a 105-98 victory. However, the game was not without its moments of tension, particularly surrounding Kristaps Porzingis and his injury scare in the fourth quarter.

Porzingis' Injury Scare

Kristaps Porzingis experienced a re-aggravation of a left calf injury that had previously sidelined him for five weeks. Initially, it appeared that the injury involved his left leg, but Porzingis later clarified that it was his right leg. Porzingis landed awkwardly while attempting to secure a rebound off a missed three-pointer from PJ Washington. He stumbled and fell, then jogged gingerly before checking out of the game with just under five minutes remaining. On the bench, Porzingis was seen stretching his right leg with a resistance band, indicating some discomfort.

Despite this scare, he played with determination and contributed 12 points on 4-of-7 shooting before exiting. After the game, head coach Joe Mazzulla offered reassurances about Porzingis' condition. The Celtics are likely to take precautions with Porzingis to ensure his health for the remainder of the series. Porzingis himself seemed confident, downplaying any concerns by saying, "Not difficult at all, I'll die out there if we need."

Porzingis' Impact

Porzingis' presence on the court has been pivotal for the Celtics in this series. The Dallas Mavericks have struggled to match up against him defensively, unable to hinder his ability to elevate for easy mid-range jumpers and three-pointers. In addition to his scoring, Porzingis has been a defensive asset with five blocks through the first two games. His availability is critical to the Celtics' success on both ends of the floor.

Even though Porzingis did not re-enter the game after checking out in the fourth quarter, the Celtics managed to maintain their lead. Boston's depth allowed them to withstand Dallas' attempts to close the gap in the final minutes, highlighting the team's overall resilience and versatility. As the series progresses, the Celtics will continue to lean on Porzingis' multifaceted contributions. His ability to score from various areas on the court and protect the rim defensively makes him an indispensable part of their game plan.

Looking Ahead

Given his performance so far and his own reassurances, it appears likely that Porzingis will continue to play through minor injuries as needed. Looking ahead, the Celtics have positioned themselves strongly with a 2-0 lead. Dallas faces the challenge of regrouping and finding ways to counteract Boston's strategies, particularly focusing on how to contain Porzingis effectively.

The key for the Mavericks will be to develop defensive adjustments and maintain their offensive consistency without key players succumbing to injuries. Porzingis' injury situation will undoubtedly be monitored closely in the coming days. The imaging scheduled for Monday will provide a clearer picture of his status and help determine the best course of action to ensure his availability for the remainder of the series. The team and fans alike will be hoping for positive news.

Final Thoughts

In the high-stakes environment of the NBA Finals, every player's contributions are magnified, and minor injuries can become significant talking points. Porzingis' resilience and commitment to the Celtics' cause have been commendable, and his determination to fight through discomfort embodies the spirit of this year's Boston team.

As the Celtics prepare for Game 3, the focus will be on maintaining their momentum and addressing any lingering concerns over player health. With a commanding lead and Porzingis' optimism about his injury, Boston is well-positioned to continue their pursuit of the championship.


"I feel good, I don't think it's anything serious, but we'll look at it tomorrow and go from there, but all good, I'll be good."

"Zero, he's good."

"Not difficult at all, I'll die out there if we need."